Benefits you get for your investment
  • Up- to-date Market Inteligence
  • Experienced, fact-based outlook and trends
  • Expanded possibilities for finding solutions through our business network database
  • Advance access to unique investment and business opportunities
  • Improved financial performance
  • Better decision-making tools to improve your financial results

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Nicaragua & Central America Investment Strategies

Why are we considered the most TRUSTED
company by investors and developers?
  • 90% of the most important projects in Nicaragua are C& A clients
  • Over 71% of all tourism & residential projects are our clients
  • 100% of all our fiscal benefits applications have been approved by the government
  • 89% of our projects have been tailored made and received after care service
  • We are the only ISHC approved consultant company in Central America
  • We are the only specialized consultant company with presence in several countries of Central America
  • Our business Network brings more opportunities to you
  • Our Market, Financial, and Strategic Support services are published in English and Spanish
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